Tidal Stories Yesterday

TIDAL finally announced the long-awaited Siri integration. Starting now, subscribers to the music streaming service can ask Apple’s personal assistant to play songs, playlists, albums, and more on the platform. Here’s what you need to know about this update.

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Tidal Stories November 17, 2021

Tidal is reinventing itself today as it looks to ramp up its efforts to take on the likes of Apple Music and Spotify. The company announced today that it is launching its first-ever free music tier, two new HiFi tiers, and more. The company is also announcing new ways to pay artists.

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Tidal Stories May 25, 2021

Tidal is out with a new update that sees the platform gain Apple Watch support for both offline playback and streaming with the wearable. The release comes as Spotify just launched the same earlier this week.

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Tidal Stories March 4, 2021

We heard a surprising report back in December that Square was in talks with music streaming service Tidal about a possible acquisition. Now it’s surfaced that the fintech company is slated to buy a majority stake in the niche music streaming service for $297 million. The new partnership is aiming to translate the success of Square in the fintech space to Tidal’s artist-owned and led approach to music streaming.

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Tidal Stories December 24, 2020

Odd report claims Square has been in talks to buy Tidal

A strange report today claims that Square Inc. might buy Tidal, after Jack Dorsey was twice seen with Jay-Z and Beyoncé, two co-owners of the streaming music service …

Tidal Stories May 28, 2020

TIDAL is known for its HiFi plan, which allows users to stream high-fidelity, lossless audio. The company has announced today that it is expanding Dolby Atmos compatibility for sound bars and set-top boxes, enabling immersive sound on more devices, including the Apple TV 4K.

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Tidal Stories October 10, 2019

Tidal offers discounted pricing to first responders for regular and HiFi plans

In honor of National First Responder’s Day later this month, streaming music service Tidal is announcing 40% off for both its premium and HiFi plans for firefighters, police officers, and EMT/EMS in the US.

Tidal Stories March 11, 2019

Tidal has announced that its highest-quality streaming format – Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) – is now supported by the iPhone.

MQA had previously been limited to higher-end music players and hi-fi systems, but support was added to the Android app in January, and has been added to the iOS app today …

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Tidal Stories November 29, 2018

Plex now offers Tidal integration, with savings of up to $60 a year

Plex users can now stream Tidal music – in either standard or hi-def formats – without leaving the Plex app. You can also save money by buying Plex and Tidal bundles …

Tidal Stories May 16, 2018

Tidal’s struggles continue today as a new report claims the streaming music platform is months behind on royalty payments. According to Norwegian newspaper Dagens Næringsliv, the Jay-Z-owned streaming service is over six months behind on payments to several labels…

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Tidal Stories December 22, 2017

12 days of free Tidal HiFi service is a good opportunity to try out lossless streaming

If you’ve ever wondered how well a lossless streaming music service works, and whether you’d hear the difference, Tidal is giving you a chance to find out – without handing over credit card details …

Tidal Stories December 20, 2017

Tidal may be running out of cash according to recent reports, but Jay-Z’s music streaming service has been on fire with shipping app updates for Apple’s platforms lately. Earlier this month Tidal shipped its iPhone X app update which added support for Apple CarPlay. Now, Tidal is coming to the Apple TV with a new tvOS app.

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Tidal Stories December 13, 2017

Lossless streaming music service Tidal is reported to be running out of cash, having run up losses of around $44M last year. Jay-Z and other owners are said to have lost more than half a billion dollars in all.

Norway’s Dagens Næringsliv says that the company now has only enough cash to last it six months, raising the prospect of the service closing down by the summer – despite a $200M investment by Sprint …

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Tidal Stories December 6, 2017

Streaming music service Tidal has today been updated with a pair of notable features: support for Apple’s CarPlay and iPhone X optimization. Tidal joins the likes of Apple Music, Pandora, and Spotify in offering a dedicated app for CarPlay.

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Tidal Stories July 6, 2017

New Jay Z music video lands on Apple Music, but album remains Tidal/Sprint exclusive

After debuting his new album exclusively on his own Tidal music streaming service last week, today Apple Music is premiering the first music video from the release despite still not offering the actual album.

Tidal Stories July 5, 2017

Tidal Stories June 30, 2017

Jay Z calls out Apple Music’s Jimmy Iovine on ‘4:44’ Tidal exclusive

Last summer it was reported that Apple was in negotiations to buy Jay Z’s Tidal music streaming business, which Apple Music’s Jimmy Iovine later denied several months later. Now Jay Z and Apple are back in the news together after the rapper called out Jimmy Iovine on a track from his new 4:44 Tidal exclusive album.

Update: US/US VPN only: If you want to download the whole album go to 444.tidal.com and put Sprint as the code.

Tidal Stories June 19, 2017

Jay-Z’s new album ‘4:44’ drops exclusively to Sprint and Tidal customers June 30

Following a deal with Sprint to acquire 33% of Jay-Z’s TIDAL streaming music service, today the companies announced that the first exclusive release as part of the partnership will be Jay-Z’s new album later this month. The release will be a big one, Jay-Z latest full-length album set for release at the end of this month. But it won’t exactly be a total Sprint exclusive like the company is making it seem…

Tidal Stories July 30, 2016

tim cook kanye west

Over the past year, Kanye West has become known for his bizarre Twitter tirades. Earlier this year, the rapper publicly asked Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, and other tech moguls to invest “$1 billion into Kanye West ideas.” This afternoon, Kanye hopped on Twitter to criticize an apparent “beef” between Apple Music and Tidal.

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Tidal Stories July 1, 2016


Yesterday the WSJ reported that sources indicate Apple is in ongoing exploratory talks to buy Jay Z’s Tidal music subscription business while carefully noting sources say talks may not lead to a deal. While Apple reportedly talking to Jay Z’s Tidal does not equal Apple actually buying Tidal (yet), the idea of Apple buying Tidal anytime soon and within two years of spending $3 billion on Beats in part to build its Apple Music streaming service comes as a surprise to many — not unlike the Beats episode…

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Tidal Stories May 17, 2016

T-Mobile expands Binge On data-free video streaming to NBC, Google Play Music, Spotify, Tidal & more

T-Mobile today announced new services being added to its Binge On program, which allows its wireless subscribers to stream video content from certain apps without dipping into their mobile data caps.

Tidal Stories April 25, 2016


Initially billed as an exclusive to Tidal, Beyonce’s new Lemonade album is now available to buy on iTunes. Jay-Z’s streaming music service had been touting itself as an exclusive location to listen to Beyonce’s latest album. While Tidal maintains exclusive streaming rights, the album is now being freely sold for download elsewhere.

Tidal has attempted similar stunts in the past, with Kanye West famously stating his album ‘The Life of Pablo’ would never be on Apple Music and would be exclusive to Tidal. However, a track from the album soon showed up on Apple’s services a few weeks later. There is currently a class action lawsuit forming around the false claims of exclusivity.

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Tidal Stories April 18, 2016

After Apple Music launch, fans sue Kanye West over Tidal exclusivity promise

After bringing his new album to Apple Music and Spotify, fans are suing Kanye West claiming they purchased subscriptions to West-backed music app Tidal on the promise the album would be exclusive to the service.

Tidal Stories March 31, 2016

Kanye West’s ‘Life of Pablo’ album might actually reach Apple Music & Spotify tomorrow in latest Tidal U-turn

Recode today reports that Kanye West might be making a full u-turn with his latest album by actually offering it to stream on Spotify and Apple Music. Just this week one of the tracks from the album hit Apple Music, further driving speculation that a full release was imminent.

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