M2 Stories Yesterday

Samsung Electro-Mechanics is collaborating with Apple on creating the M2 chip, beating out LG Innotek. Samsung is developing the flip chip ball grid array (FC-BGA) for the new generation of Apple Silicon for 2022.

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M2 Stories April 14

Almost two years after Apple introduced the first Macs with its own silicon, the company is now preparing to introduce the next generation Apple Silicon chip for its machines. According to a Bloomberg report, Apple is currently testing third-party apps with at least nine new Mac models running with an M2 chip.

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M2 Stories March 10

It has been almost two years since Apple announced the transition from Intel Macs to Apple Silicon, and while there are still two Intel-powered Macs in the lineup, the company is already working on the next wave of Macs with the new M2 chip. 9to5Mac has learned from sources that there are new MacBooks with the M2 chip coming later this year.

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M2 Stories February 17

There have been a number of reports of an M2 Mac this year, including the slightly odd idea of an entry-level M2 MacBook Pro model sitting below the M1 Pro and M1 Max models. We’ll need to see whether that happens and wait for M2 Mac benchmarks if it does.

But a new piece today suggests that we may be able to get a reasonably good idea of M2 Mac benchmarks by extrapolating…

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