Samsung Stories Yesterday

Samsung Electro-Mechanics is collaborating with Apple on creating the M2 chip, beating out LG Innotek. Samsung is developing the flip chip ball grid array (FC-BGA) for the new generation of Apple Silicon for 2022.

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Samsung Stories April 7

Evidence for the launch of OLED iPads in 2024 appears to be growing, as a new supply chain report says that three Apple display providers are gearing up for production.

There have so far been conflicting reports about whether Apple even plans to make iPads with OLED screens, with further disputes about when it might happen, but we do appear to be getting a more coherent picture of late …

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Samsung Stories March 28

First unveiled at CES back in January, Samsung has officially launched its new Smart Monitor M8. The 32-inch display with a very iMac-inspired design comes with a solid range of features like Apple’s AirPlay, built-in/removable webcam, USB-C connectivity, and more with starting price of $699.

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Samsung Stories March 23

Premium smartphone sales reached a new record high in 2021, according to a new report today, with Apple taking the top slot in each of the six global regions covered.

The iPhone maker is also said to be best-placed to take advantage of Huawei’s effective demise

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A report today claims that Apple will introduce under-display Face ID on the iPhone 15 Pro next year, and that it will use technology developed by Samsung.

It is expected that the Cupertino company will continue working toward a vision of the iPhone as “a single slab of glass,” with an all-display front. Hiding biometric authentication beneath the screen will be part of that journey for sure – the question, however, is how and when …

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Samsung Stories March 18

LG’s display division is working on being ready to compete for OLED MacBook orders sometime around 2025, says a new supply-chain report today. It follows an earlier report that the company is also prepping for OLED iPad displays, which are expected to launch around a year earlier.

There have been numerous reports of Apple working on introducing OLED MacBooks at some point, but there’s as of yet no clarity on when they might launch

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Samsung Stories March 17

Samsung announced the Galaxy A33 and Galaxy A53 budget phones today. Part of the Galaxy A budget lineup, this is Samsung’s most popular smartphone category. Both are due to come out just after Apple’s budget 5G iPhone. Based on some of the information we know, how do the A33 and A53 compare to the iPhone SE 3?

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Samsung Stories February 24

While we wait for Apple’s rumored headset with mixed reality capabilities to be unveiled this year, it seems like Samsung is taking another approach for a future product betting on holograms instead.

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Samsung Stories February 21

AirTag stalking concerns continue to be voiced, despite the fact that Apple’s tracker is the least suitable one on the market for anyone with malicious intent.

One campaign group is calling for all companies making Bluetooth trackers to cooperate in the development of new safety measures, and a university is conducting a study designed to assess the scale of the problem …

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Samsung Stories February 14

The US patents ranking for 2021 is out, and Apple is seventh in terms of the number of patents assigned to the company in the course of the year. That’s up one from eighth place in 2020.

If you can guess the US leader in terms of 2021 patent assignments, you’re doing way better than me…

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Samsung Stories February 9

Samsung officially launched its latest flagship smartphones and tablets today at its Unpacked 2022 event. The new releases include three new iPhone 13 competitors with the Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra along with three new Galaxy Tab S8 tablets that now go up to a huge 14.6-inch size.

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Samsung Stories January 11

A new supply chain report corroborates Ming-Chi Kuo’s assertion that Apple had abandoned plans for an OLED iPad this year, but suggests that discussions with Samsung are ongoing, and that we may see one in 2024.

Both sources stated that the stumbling block was meeting Apple’s demanding quality requirements at a workable price …

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Samsung Stories January 4

Last year, Samsung unveiled an innovative solar-charging remote during CES. Now, the company has revamped the product, and it now can convert routers’ radios waves into energy to stay charged. While Apple introduced a new Siri Remote less than a year ago, the Cupertino company should definitely take a look at Samsung’s idea to improve its own product.

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Samsung Stories January 3

Samsung on Monday announced its new lineup of Smart TVs as part of the CES 2022 announcements. In addition to hardware improvements, the South Korean company is bringing game streaming platforms to its TVs for the first time in a bid to make them even more appealing against other TVs and even set-top boxes like Apple TV.

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Samsung has announced three new displays that it will launch this year with one of the most interesting models for Mac users being the 32-inch Smart Monitor M8 with USB-C connectivity, and handy features like AirPlay built-in.

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Samsung Stories November 22, 2021

Samsung’s new smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch 4, saw the company dramatically boost its market share in Q3, according to a new report. Most of that was at the expense of Huawei and Apple, the Cupertino company’s share of the market dropping by 10%.

However, that’s largely a matter of timing, which favored Samsung in two ways …

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Samsung Stories November 19, 2021

Samsung’s iPhone display business is under growing threat from Chinese competitor BOE, which is gearing up to match the production of the Korean supplier …

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Samsung Stories November 10, 2021

Apple’s new Polishing Cloth has taken the world by storm, and as usual, Samsung is following closely behind with its offering. While Apple is charging $19 for its Polishing Cloth, Samsung poked fun at Apple’s premium offering by giving away free polishing cloths to buyers…

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Samsung Stories November 2, 2021

Apple this year made some significant changes to Safari with iOS 15, which has been repaginated with a new unified address bar at the bottom of the screen. While this change upset a number of iOS users, Samsung is now following Apple with a new option to move the address bar of its mobile web browser to the bottom — just like Safari.

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Samsung Stories October 14, 2021

While Apple doesn’t ship more phones than anyone else, a new report today shows that it continues to take home most of the global smartphone profits – even before the launch of the iPhone 13.

In the second quarter of the year, iPhones accounted for only 13% of global shipments, but it’s a very different story when it comes to revenue and profit …

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Samsung Stories September 16, 2021

Samsung could be showing future MacBook Pro displays for 14- and 16-inch models

An announcement by Samsung may be revealing future MacBook Pro displays – but not for the models we’re expecting to see later this year …

Samsung Stories September 2, 2021

A new report from Korea says that the iPhone periscope lens expected to debut in Apple’s 2023 lineup has hit a snag. Samsung has the most sophisticated technology for those, and Apple wants to use it, but there are patent problems with the optical image stabilization system the iPhone maker wants to include.

Periscope lenses are a way to allow longer optical zoom without having lenses that stick out farther from the phone …

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Samsung Stories September 1, 2021

An Apple Watch has been on my wrist nearly every day since I took the first generation out of its box on launch day in April 2015. It quickly became an indispensable gadget, and I feel naked whenever it’s on its charger. watchOS went through a ton of changes during the first few releases, most notably with watchOS 3. Since then, it’s received a number of new apps and features but the user interface itself hasn’t quite been perfected. I’ve always attributed this to the lack of a real competitor. No one has been able to show off a better way to do things on a smartwatch. Now, nearly seven years after the Apple Watch was born, Google and Samsung have teamed up to build the first real competitive platform. Here’s what I think about it.

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Samsung Stories August 11, 2021

Samsung ditches iOS support with Wear OS-based Galaxy Watch 4 series

Most smartwatches compatible with Android smartphones usually offer support for Apple’s iOS platform too, but that tune might be changing. With its Galaxy Watch 4 series, Samsung has quietly dropped support for iOS.

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