Sonos Stories Yesterday

The next new product from Sonos may arrive as soon as early June. Thanks to renderings and details from The Verge, the next launch will be a budget soundbar priced below the Sonos Beam. However, it may have another use as Dolby Atmos surround speakers paired with Sonos’ flagship Arc soundbar.

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Sonos Stories March 23

Last month we saw Sonos launch an updated version of its Roam portable speaker and the company’s CEO also teased in an interview that it is “working on some really exciting stuff.” Now new open positions at Sonos are looking for help building a “Next Generation Sonos Home Theater OS” and more.

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Sonos Stories March 1

Last spring we saw Sonos jump into the ultra-portable speaker market with Roam. While it comes with a somewhat premium price, it packs some great features like AirPlay 2, Bluetooth and WiFi support, Qi charging, and a built-in mic. Now Sonos has launched the Roam SL at a lower price that skips the far-field microphone. Meanwhile, on the heels of a recent acquisition, Sonos’ CEO says the company is “working on some really exciting stuff.”

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Sonos Stories November 29, 2021

Well-known smart-speaker maker Sonos is working on a new product called the “Sub Mini,” which is basically a smaller version of the Sonos Sub – the company’s standalone subwoofer. The device is expected to not only make be more affordable but also to fit in more places.

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Sonos Stories October 21, 2021

As it faces mounting competition from the likes of Apple and Amazon, a new report today suggests that Sonos is studying new ways to “optimize audio” using Wi-Fi. As first reported by Protocol, Sonos recently filed a patent application focused on enhancing its smart speakers using an analysis of Wi-Fi signal changes.

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Sonos Stories September 28, 2021

After first launching the original Ikea x Sonos Symfonisk smart table lamp speaker back in 2019, the two companies are back with the second generation. The new Symfonisk features a fresh design with multiple base and shade options, AirPlay 2 support, improved audio, and more.

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Sonos Stories September 14, 2021

Last year Sonos brought Dolby Atmos to living rooms with its full-size premium soundbar, the Arc. Now the company’s compact and more affordable soundbar is getting the premium 3D audio upgrade. And in addition to Dolby Atmos support, the Sonos Beam Gen 2 comes with HDMI eARC, upgraded processing power with a new speaker array and improved sound, sleeker design, NFC for seamless setup, AirPlay 2, and more.

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Sonos Stories September 11, 2021

Ikea’s second-generation Symfonisk table lamp speakers have leaked online thanks to a Portuguese guide shop found by a Reddit user. The second-generation Symfonisk lamp is set to feature a new design that streamlines the speaker lamp’s base and adds the option to swap in different styles of lampshades (via the Verge).

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Sonos Stories June 15, 2021

The latest big tech antitrust hearing is being held by US lawmakers today and Sonos is the main party testifying. Many of the company’s antitrust concerns revolve around Google and Amazon, but Sonos’ chief legal officer also called out its issues with Apple in his testimony.

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Sonos Stories April 6, 2021

Sonos unveiled its new ultra-portable speaker last month along with opening pre-orders. Ahead of the Roam arriving to the first customers later this month, we were able to test out this slick new speaker to see how it compares to other options in the ultra-portable category along with the larger Sonos Move portable speaker.

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Sonos Stories March 9, 2021

Sonos has officially unveiled its newest product and it’s looking to disrupt the portable speaker market. In a follow-up to the larger Move portable speaker, the Sonos Roam is in the ultra-portable category with compelling specs and features. At just under 1-pound, Roam offers “brilliant sound” with AirPlay 2, auto WiFi and Bluetooth switching, Qi wireless charging, 10-hour battery life, and more.

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Sonos Stories March 4, 2021

A new portable speaker by Sonos, Sonos Roam, just leaked online. It will measure 6.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches, which is smaller than the company’s first portable speaker Sonos Move and similar to other speakers in the market, such as UE Boom and JBL Xtreme.

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Sonos Stories March 2, 2021

If you’re a Sonos user looking to bring deeper iPhone, iPad, and Siri integration to your smart speakers, Soro is a new iOS app to accomplish just that. The app is designed to give you additional features for controlling your Sonos speakers with Siri and the Shortcuts app.

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Sonos Stories December 8, 2020

Sonos S2 iOS app launches support for dual Subs with home theater setups

Sonos is out with an update that will be welcome news for those looking for more bass. The latest Sonos S2 iOS app release allows owners of its home theater speakers or Amp to use two of the company’s wireless Subs simultaneously.

Sonos Stories September 28, 2020

Sonos and Disney team up on immersive home theater sound ahead of ‘The Mandalorian’ season two

The highly anticipated second season of The Mandalorian is slated for release at the end of October and leading up to the debut, Sonos and Disney have partnered to get the most out of the series with amazing home theater sound.

Sonos Stories June 16, 2020

Sonos is upgrading its first portable Bluetooth speaker introduced last fall with more battery life and a new color option. The new Lunar White Sonos Move joins the Shadow Black version that launched in September, and pre-orders for the new finish start today. Existing Sonos Move customers can add an additional hour of battery life through a free software update.

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Sonos Stories June 8, 2020

Update: The Sonos 2 app is now available, ahead of the launch of new products on Wednesday.

In what is likely to prove an extremely controversial move, Sonos has announced that it is developing a completely new platform, Sonos S2. This will add hi-res audio capabilities but will create a ‘fork’ which will effectively leave older speakers on a legacy platform.

The Sonos S2 operating system will run on all future speakers, as well as ‘many’ current ones, but will require a new Sonos app. Older speakers will be relegated to legacy status …

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Sonos Stories June 4, 2020

Review Roundup: Sonos Arc is a ‘miracle of audio engineering,’ and ‘best, most versatile’ wireless soundbar

Sonos launched its all-new soundbar last month and ahead of the first customers who will get the next-gen Sonos speaker starting next week, reviews are starting to come in. So far, it looks like the Sonos Arc is living up to its appointment as the company’s top of the line speaker and may be one of the best wireless soundbars available on the market… with one notable caveat.

Sonos Stories May 6, 2020

Popular wireless speaker maker Sonos is out today with an exciting announcement that sees the launch of one totally new product and two updates to existing ones. Headlining the news, the Sonos Arc arrives as the company’s new high-end soundbar with an all-new design featuring 11 multi-directional drivers, and Dolby Atmos and AirPlay 2 support. Also unveiled today is the new Sonos Five that replaces the Play:5 and an updated Sonos sub as well as specifics on the new S2 app. Read on for all the details including pre-orders starting now.

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Sonos Stories May 5, 2020

Upcoming ‘Sonos Five’ and 3rd-gen Sonos Sub pictured in leaked photos

As we reported last week, Sonos is readying updates to the Sonos Play:5, Sonos Sub, and Playbar as part of a Sonos press event scheduled for May 6th. Today, reporter Roland Quandt has shared photos on Twitter of what appears to be marketing images for the new products.

Sonos Stories April 30, 2020

Now you can listen to free audiobooks by any author on your Sonos speakers

If you have Sonos speakers, you can listen to free audiobooks by any author thanks to a new integration with the Libby app.

You may already know about the Libby app. This lets you borrow both ebooks and audiobooks from your local library, downloading them to your Kindle, iPhone, iPad or Mac …

Sonos Stories April 29, 2020

As Apple reportedly preps a smaller HomePod model for this year, Sonos could also soon announce a trio of new audio products. An anonymous 9to5Mac tipster says that Sonos is planning a new Playbar, Sub, and Play:5 for release as soon as June.

Update: Dave Zatz has obtained images of the upcoming Playbar, while also corroborating our report of a new Play:5 and Sub.

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Sonos Stories April 21, 2020

How to use Sonos Radio including local stations on iPhone and iPad

Sonos has rolled out a new way to listen to your favorite content and even local stations with its own streaming radio. Follow along for how to get up and running with Sonos Radio on iPhone and iPad.

Sonos Radio launches with free music, sports, news, and original programming

Sonos is out today with a software update that brings a free new feature to its HiFi smart speakers, Sonos Radio. The new way to listen offers both ad-supported and ad-free content and includes music, news, and sports along with original programming by DJs and artists.

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