Apple TV 4K Stories June 8, 2021

During the WWDC21 keynote, Apple introduced the new iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS 12 Monterey, and watchOS 8, but it actually never mentioned tvOS 15 by its name. Despite the lack of focus on tvOS 15 during the event, there are new features coming to Apple TV later this year.

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Apple TV 4K Stories May 27, 2021

One of the big changes arriving with the second-gen Apple TV 4K is the all-new Siri Remote. Along with the new design comes a dedicated power button to control not just the set-top box but also your TV and receiver. Let’s look at how to control power and volume with your Apple TV Siri Remote, including troubleshooting tips and more.

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Apple TV 4K Stories May 21, 2021

How to set HomePod as your Apple TV 4K’s default speakers and use ARC universal audio

The new Apple TV 4K is here with a new processor, high frame rate HDR, all-new Siri remote, ARC support, and more. And one of the great features that will be new to those upgrading from the Apple TV HD (or from other boxes) is the option to set HomePod as Apple TV’s default speaker(s).

Apple TV 4K Stories May 20, 2021

Reviews for the new Apple TV 4K are out today. While most of the articles focus on the new Siri Remote, which is a “must buy,” many pointed out that Apple’s set-top-box price is still prohibitive. Today, CNN interviewed Apple’s VP of Product Marketing for Home and Audio Tim Twedahl about the new Apple TV 4K.

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Apple TV 4K Stories May 19, 2021

The first pre-orders for the new Apple TV 4K and redesigned Siri Remote aren’t supposed to arrive until Friday, May 21, but one lucky customer’s order has arrived early. The Reddit user Makivivu says that their Apple TV 4K pre-order arrived today, a full 48 hours ahead of schedule…

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Apple TV 4K Stories October 19, 2020

Apple has announced a new deal with Peanuts Worldwide and Lee Mendelson Film Productions to bring new originals and classic Peanuts specials to Apple TV+. Starting this month, Apple TV+ users will be able to stream iconic Peanuts content throughout the upcoming holiday season.

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Apple TV 4K Stories December 6, 2019

Many people are reporting that Apple TV+ shows are no longer playing in Dolby Vision on Apple TV 4K, instead reverting to less-sophisticated HDR10 standard.

The reports say that this is affecting a number of shows which used to play in Dolby Vision but no longer do so…

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Apple TV 4K Stories March 7, 2019

A new report details how a pirated 4K copy of Aquaman could be the first known example of Apple’s 4K iTunes content being hacked. While there could be other explanations, multiple signs are pointing to the film coming from iTunes.

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Apple TV 4K Stories November 24, 2018

Update: Spectrum subscribers now report that the app is slated to launch on December 13th.

With tvOS 12, Apple announced a new feature it calls “Zero Sign On,” which simplifies the login process for TV streaming applications. Apple originally said that Charter Spectrum would be the first TV provider to support the feature, with a new Charter Spectrum app for Apple TV and Zero Sign On launching before the end of the year.

As we approach the end of 2018, we still don’t have any confirmation about when these features will launch, but there’s evidence to suggest it will be sooner rather than later.

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Apple TV 4K Stories September 17, 2018

tvOS 12 for Apple TV (fourth-gen) and Apple TV 4K is officially out of beta and available for all users. The annual software update for Apple TV brings support for Dolby Atmos audio for movies on iTunes and other apps, screensaver details like location information, and a new zero sign-on feature for Spectrum TV and Internet customers (more providers coming in the future).

Zero sign-on automatically authenticates watch anywhere video apps from networks based on your Internet provider without the need to log in even once. Dolby Atmos brings support for more immersive audio from supported speakers and receivers; iTunes is automatically upgrading supported movies for free. This makes Apple TV the only streaming box with both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support.

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Apple TV 4K Stories August 14, 2018

In an effort to get ahead with 5G, Verizon is looking to include YouTube TV or Apple TV as part of a launch promotion in its initial four markets.

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Apple TV 4K Stories February 20, 2018

Apple has released tvOS 11.3 beta 3 for registered developers to test on Apple TV (fourth-gen) and Apple TV 4K. We’ll dig in to the new version and detail changes below.

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Apple TV 4K Stories December 4, 2017

tvOS 11.2 is now available as a free software update for both Apple TV (fourth-gen) and Apple TV 4K. For the new Apple TV 4K, tvOS 11.2 includes new video settings for changing high dynamic range and frame rate dynamically based on content.

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Apple TV 4K Stories September 22, 2017

Bring on the 4K HDR movie binge watching. The new Apple TV 4K is out today and we’ve got our hands on Apple’s new streaming box.

The reviews call it the best TV box on the market, but note its premium price means it’s not for everyone. Apple still offers the two-year old 1080p version for its same $149 price, and $30 more gets you a faster processor with 4K HDR support.

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PSA: Free upgrades of iTunes movies to 4K only allows you to stream, not download

Those who’ve bought a lot of movies from the iTunes Store got a pleasant surprise during last week’s keynote. Any movies which iTunes makes available in 4K will be available at that resolution to existing HD purchasers at no extra cost …

Apple TV 4K Stories September 21, 2017

Apple’s tactic of making advance review models available to selected publications, and setting an embargo on publication, means it’s able to control the flow of reviews so that they all get maximum attention.

On Tuesday, it was the iPhone 8 (including our review). Yesterday, the Apple Watch Series 3 (our review). And today it’s the turn of the Apple TV 4K.

The bottom-line of most reviews is that it’s an expensive device compared to alternatives like Chromecast, Fire TV and Roku, and only makes sense if two things are true …

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It’s happening. If you were early enough to get in on day-one delivery for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE, and the Apple TV 4K, then you’ve probably begun receiving shipment notifications from Apple. expand full story

Apple TV 4K Stories September 19, 2017

There’s a new software update out for the fourth-gen Apple TV that brings a few useful new features to the set-top box. tvOS 11 brings automatic dark mode switching, Home Screen Sync, proper AirPods support, and more to the Apple TV.

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Apple TV 4K Stories September 12, 2017

Apple has just unveiled the new generation Apple TV, Apple TV 4K. The new set-top box features 4K output with HDR, Dolby Vision and HDR10, to play the latest movies and TV shows at 3840×2160 resolution.

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