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Siri is Apple’s personal assistant technology that debuted in 2011 with the iPhone 4S. Apple purchased Siri in 2010. At the time, it was a dedicated app on the iPhone. When it became built into the iPhone, it could do basic things like play music and make phone calls.

Now, it can do things like integrate with third-party messaging apps. payments, ride-sharing service, calling app, set timers, get directions, add reminders, start TV shows on the Apple TV, make language translations, search for photos, open documents, interact with your smart home though HomeKit, and a lot more.

In iOS 12, it became integrated into more third-party apps through Shortcuts. Companies can build their own interactions for the service to work with.

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Siri Stories April 1

Apple is getting in on April Fools’ Day subtly with a hidden Siri easter egg. While we’ve seen clever responses to questions for Apple’s virtual assistant on April 1 in the past, this year the Siri trivia game is aiming to check “how gullible” we all are.

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Siri Stories March 17

Colin Hughes, a quadriplegic Apple user who often shares his experience of accessibility features on Apple devices, has reported that Apple has quietly added a valuable new Mac Voice Control feature.

Although it isn’t shown in the release notes, it appears to have been added in macOS Monterey 12.3

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Siri Stories March 1

Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman has been teasing a March Apple event for a few weeks now. As people were expecting invites from the Cupertino company dropping today, it looks like we may have to wait a bit more, according to Siri.

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Siri Stories February 22

After Siri got two new voices for American users with iOS 14.5, Apple today is bringing another option to its personal assistant with iOS 15.4 beta 4. The company says the new voice was recorded by a member of the LGBTQ+ community, although it didn’t offer further details.

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Siri Stories February 8

Back in 2019, Apple introduced a new option that let users opt out of sharing their Siri recordings with Apple due to privacy concerns. While this option is still available in iOS 15, it seems that the option wasn’t working as expected. The company has now fixed that bug with iOS 15.4.

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Siri Stories February 2

I’ve owned a HomePod since the original $349 speaker arrived in Apple Stores four years ago. However, a lot has changed since 2018, including the demise of that smart speaker in favor of the more affordable HomePod mini.

No matter which HomePod you have, it’s easy to forget what all it can do since it’s primarily controlled by voice. You’re likely to learn something new by periodically checking what HomePod can do with voice control.

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Siri Stories January 31

Siri was introduced to the world a decade ago, and contextual awareness was one of its early strengths. That’s why it can be surprising that missing the context of a request is still common ten years later.

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Siri Stories January 10

A few nights ago, I was a few ocean wave crashes away from falling asleep when a thought populated my mind. I desperately wanted to capture the idea without breaking the dark with my iPhone screen. Easy, I have a HomePod mini in the bedroom, so I’ll just use Siri! That’s when I realized the HomePod still has a handy voice feature left to learn.

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Siri Stories January 3

A summary of the way that various tech giants last year sought to address the needs of people with disabilities shows that Apple’s accessibility record is better than that of most companies – but did make things worse in one respect.

The piece summarizes the accessibility wins and losses of Apple, Amazon, Google, Meta, Microsoft, and Twitter …

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Siri Stories October 13, 2021

Hands-on: Here’s what does and doesn’t work with offline Siri in iOS 15

One of the subtle but valuable new features with iOS 15 is that Siri works even when offline for some commands. That means faster performance, but offline requests won’t work for everything. Let’s look at what does and doesn’t work with offline Siri in iOS 15.

Siri Stories October 12, 2021

At WWDC this summer, Apple announced that it would be expanding Siri’s availability to third-party devices for the first time. Today, Ecobee is announcing that it is rolling out support for Siri integration for its popular SmartThermostat with voice control. Head below for the full details on how this works.

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Siri Stories October 4, 2021

Ten years ago today, Apple announced its brand-new personal assistant Siri. At the time, it was able to show you the weather, add an appointment to the calendar, and more. Now, you can celebrate Siri’s birthday by saying “Happy Birthday” to the personal assistant.

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Siri Stories September 30, 2021

Update: Automated tools like UserWay are highly controversial among disabled web users.

Susan Bennett revealed back in 2013 that she only found out by chance that she had become the original voice of Siri. She’s now taking advantage of her accidental fame to promote a new approach to web usability.

Bennett stars in an amusing Siri-based ad for an AI-based approach to making websites accessible to people with disabilities, such as those using screen readers …

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Siri Stories September 29, 2021

Apple announced a major upgrade to Siri this year with iOS 15, which is now able to process on-device requests without an internet connection. However, it seems that Apple’s virtual assistant has also lost some functionality, as users have been complaining about Siri no longer being able to send emails or check call history.

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Siri Stories September 22, 2021

iOS 15 is finally here. It brings a handful of new features with Messages, FaceTime, Safari, and much more. For example, the company’s personal assistant, Siri, also received some great improvements. Here’s everything new with it.

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Siri Stories September 8, 2021

A Chinese company has filed a lawsuit as it seeks an injunction to stop iPhone production in China, including the upcoming iPhone 13.

Xiao-i (whose full name is Shanghai Zhizhen Network Technology Co) previously made an unsuccessful attempt to block sales of all devices with Siri in China, claiming that Apple’s intelligent assistant (IA) violated a “chat robot” patent the company owns …

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Siri Stories September 2, 2021

A federal judge said Apple must face nearly all of a proposed class-action lawsuit claiming that its voice assistant Siri violates users’ privacy. As reported by Reuters, US District Judge Jeffrey White could try to prove that “Siri routinely recorded their private conversations because of ‘accidental activations’, and that Apple disclosed these conversations to third parties.”

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Siri Stories June 9, 2021

Siri antitrust concerns have been expressed by businesses, says the European Union’s competition chief, with the same issues being raised about Alexa and Google Assistant. The remarks were made after a consultation process that heard from more than 200 companies over the course of a year.

Competition head Margrethe Vestager said there are four concerns…

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Siri Stories June 8, 2021

iOS 14.5, which was released to the public earlier this year, brought an important new feature that lets users unlock an iPhone using the Apple Watch instead of Face ID when wearing a mask. With iOS 15, Apple is expanding this feature by enabling personal requests to Siri when the “Unlock with Apple Watch” option is turned on.

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Siri Stories April 20, 2021

iOS 14.5 is coming next week for everyone, and Apple today released the RC build to developers and public beta users. While the beta versions have already brought several new features, the final release also enables a new option to answer calls using Siri while using headphones.

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Siri Stories April 1, 2021

A patent application published today shows Apple could be testing new ways for Siri to speak based on environmental conditions. This would give Siri similar functionality to the Amazon Alexa platform.

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Siri Stories March 31, 2021

The sixth developer beta for iOS 14.5 went live earlier today, and it comes bundled with noteworthy features: two brand-new realistic-sounding American Siri voices, and an updated battery tool for iPhone 11 users. Watch our hands-on video walkthrough for the details, and be sure to subscribe to 9to5Mac on YouTube for more video content.

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Among the new features introduced with the sixth beta release of iOS 14.5, which is currently available to developers and public beta users, Apple has added two new voice options for Siri. If you have already updated your iPhone, iPad, or even HomePod to iOS 14.5, read on as we explain how you can find and enable the new Siri voices.

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As part of today’s release of iOS 14.5 beta 6, Apple is making several notable changes to Siri. The company says that Siri will no longer default to a female voice starting with iOS 14.5, and it’s adding two additional voice options from which to choose. The changes also apply to the HomePod.

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