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Apple operates more than 500 retail stores in 22 countries. Under the direction of Deirdre O’Brien, Apple Stores are staffed by more than 70,000 team members and 3,000 Creative Pros. Here’s everything you need to know about Apple Retail including COVID-19 status, new store openings, and the latest news.

COVID-19: Changes to the Apple Store experience

Wondering about the status of your local Apple Store? Check out our COVID-19 Reopening Tracker, which includes a full map of open stores, health and safety procedures, and all the information you need to know before your visit.

Apple Stores: What makes them unique?

Beyond their award-winning architecture and landmark designs, Apple Stores are known for their focus on education and creativity. Over 250,000 free Today at Apple sessions were offered to the community each quarter prior to the pandemic. New stores are designed with a Video Wall and gathering area for Today at Apple known as the Forum. Older “classic” locations are being upgraded to accommodate the same experience.

Hours and locations: Where can I find details about my local Apple Store?

Apple’s website has a great tool for finding nearby locations and store hours; just type in your address or zip code to get started. You can learn more about the design and details of Apple Stores at The Apple Store Glossary.

Apple Store appointments: How can get I help?

If you’re having a problem with your device or want to shop with a knowledgeable Specialist, take the time to make an appointment before your Apple Store visit. If you need to make a Genius Bar appointment or contact Apple Support, visit Apple’s website. To schedule a shopping session, visit this link or open the Apple Store app.

The latest store openings and upgrades

Share your experience

If you attend a store opening, spot something interesting, or attend a great Today at Apple session, we’d love to see and share your photos.

Apple Retail Stories April 18

After learning about Apple retail employees at the Grand Central store in NYC starting the process towards unionizing this weekend, new details have been shared about the group’s goals. Along with seeking improved working conditions, more vacation time, and better retirement options, the group is looking to secure a minimum wage of $30/hour.

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Apple retail careers page overhauled to highlight benefits, testimonials, more

While Apple Store employees at Grand Central Terminal in New York are taking the first steps to unionize, the Cupertino company has recently revamped its retail careers page by highlighting benefits, employees’ testimonials, and lots of info on what roles are available in its retail stores.

Apple Retail Stories April 17

Workers at one of Apple’s flagship retail locations in New York City are taking the first steps to unionize. As first reported by The Washington Post this weekend, workers at the Apple Store located in Grand Central Terminal are now collecting signatures to begin the unionization process. If successful, this would mark the first time that Apple Store employees have unionized.

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Apple Retail Stories April 9

A couple of days ago, Apple shared some photos of its newest Myeongdong store in South Korea. Now, starting this Saturday, it’s receiving customers for the first time. This Apple Store is the largest in the country.

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Apple Retail Stories April 7

Apple has shared photos of the new two-story Apple Store Myeongdong, two days ahead of the official opening of the latest South Korean store.

The design looks pretty standard for a contemporary Apple Store, though it does have a couple of unique touches …

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Apple Retail Stories April 5

We’re used to hearing of Apple gift card scams where fraudsters trick victims into buying gift cards for “release fees” for fictitious fortunes, or as “fines” to avoid arrest for tax evasion – but a pair of criminals found a clever way to generate $1.5M worth of gift cards.

Or more accurately, the method was clever, but the way they spent the cards was dumb …

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Apple Retail Stories March 17

Apple has announced that the largest Apple Store in South Korea will soon be opening, in the capital Seoul. The store will be located in the city’s historical center of Jung-gu.

The Cupertino company says that the Center Point Myeong-dong store will offer a source of inspiration …

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Apple Retail Stories March 3

Apple has announced to employees that it is revising its COVID-19 protocols for corporate staff and retail staff members. In an announcement on Thursday, Apple informed corporate and retail staff members that face masks will be optional in “regions where local indoor-mask mandates have been eliminated” starting this week.

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Apple is officially bringing back its popular Today at Apple sessions at retail stores in the United States. This comes after in-person Today at Apple sessions were on hiatus for two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Apple Retail Stories February 24

Apple has shared photos of its spectacular new Al Maryah Island Apple Store, ahead of tomorrow’s opening. Vlogger Emkwan has also posted a video tour.

The latest Abu Dhabi store has a dramatic water feature, blurs the boundary between interior and exterior, has a golden carbon fiber roof, and offers panoramic views of the skyline …

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Amsterdam Apple Store gunman dies from injuries after police save hostage [U]

Update: The gunman has now died from injuries sustained when he was hit by a police vehicle. Police intervened to save the hostage when he ran from the store and the gunman gave chase. The gunman has still not been named, but police say he was an Amsterdam resident with a criminal record

Apple Retail Stories February 22

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Apple has been requiring all customers to wear a mask in its retail stores, a policy the company unsuccessfully tried to discontinue last year. However, it seems that the company once again wants to drop the mask mandate for Apple Stores in the United States.

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Apple Retail Stories February 21

Apple will open at least two new retail stores in Seoul, South Korea, in the near future, as the company is now hiring more employees for another location in the country.

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Apple Retail Stories February 14

Today, a new report from The Globe and Mail in Canada says that Apple is threatening to pull out of its planned development for a new flagship retail store. According to the report, Apple had signed a lease for more than 15,000 square feet of retail space in the development, but is now threatening to back out over construction delays.

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It’s been eight years since Apple unveiled its last retail in the United Kingdom. Now, it appears the company is readying another store in the region.

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Apple Retail Stories February 10

Apple opened its third United Arab Emirates Apple Store just a week ago, but is already preparing to open its fourth. Like last week’s opening, this one too is in Abu Dhabi, but this time on Al Maryah Island.

The company unveiled a special barricade mural, celebrating Abu Dhabi’s history and culture …

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Apple Retail Stories February 8

Apple is dramatically improving the benefits it offers both part-time and full-time retail employees in the United States. According to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple is implementing more generous policies for sick time and vacation time, while also offering parental leave for part-time employees for the first time.

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Apple Retail Stories February 3

The latest Apple Store opened today, with Apple highlighting the “stunning curved glass exterior” and use of Bianco Cristal flooring. The latter is a quartz material noted for durability and low maintenance.

The new store replaces the former Abu Dhabi store, which opened in 2015 and was only half the size …

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Apple Retail Stories January 19

A sharp new accessory from mophie has been revealed by Apple today designed for seamlessly charging iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods while on the go. The new 3-in-1 travel charger from mophie features official MagSafe for iPhone, a slick foldable design, and a convenient carrying case.

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Apple Retail Stories January 11

Apple Store robberies, where thieves grab display devices from tables, can be traumatic for those in the store at the time, as well as a hassle for the company and customers alike. An Apple patent granted today describes ways the company could fight back.

Groups of thieves have been able to steal many tens of thousands of dollars worth of display products within the space of just two or three minutes…

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Apple Retail Stories January 10

2021 wasn’t an easy year for Apple when it comes to the relationship with its employees, as some of them have publicly decided to demand better working conditions. However, this doesn’t only affect corporate positions. 9to5Mac has learned that the situation for employees in Apple Retail Stores is not the best either, as they complain about working conditions amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Apple Retail Stories December 30, 2021

A settlement reached in an Apple Store bag search dispute has been given provisional approval by a court. The judge said that the agreement was not perfect, but on balance it was good enough to be allowed to proceed.

The case related to the fact that Apple required retail store staff to submit to bag searches after they had clocked out, meaning that the 10-15 minutes they spent waiting inside the store for these searches was unpaid …

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Apple Retail Stories December 22, 2021

Apple last week closed some of its retail stores in the US and Canada due to the spread of the new COVID-19 variant. Now the company has reportedly closed seven more retail stores this week, and that number is likely to grow in the coming weeks.

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Apple Retail Stories December 14, 2021

Apple is reinstating its mask mandate at all US retail stores due to rising COVID-19 cases, according to Bloomberg’s Terminal. Once again, the company will begin limiting store occupancy at several locations.

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