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Apple Pay is Apple’s mobile payments solution that allows users to seamlessly use their phone to pay for purchases both in retail stores, apps, and the web. The service was first introduced in 2014 and has been expanding to additional countries ever since then.

The service works in retail stores by simply holding your iPhone over a compatible checkout terminal and authenticating the purchase via Touch ID, or your Apple Watch with no further authentication required once you have unlocked the Watch. It’ss compatible with all iPhones from 6/6 Plus and and beyond, and all versions of Apple Watch.

In apps, it works by pulling in your card information and seamlessly allowing you to checkout using that card information. This prevents you from having to manually enter your card information every time you want to make a purchase. In addition to working with all of the iPhone models previously mentioned, Apple Pay in apps also works on iPads from the iPad mini 3 and Air 2 and beyond. Apple Pay is supported on the Mac and on the web with iOS 10 and macOS Sierra and beyond.

In addition to working with debit and credit cards, Apple Pay also works with rewards cards and store cards. This means that you can add something like your Starbucks card, Walgreens Balance Rewards card, and more to the Wallet app to easily keep track of everything.

To set up Apple Pay on an iPhone, open the Wallet app on iOS 11 and tap the plus (+) icon in the top right corner to begin, then follow the prompts. To add a debit card to the Apple Watch, go to the Apple Watch app on iPhone and look for the Wallet & Apple Pay section, then Add Credit or Debit Card section.

Apple Pay is the dominant mobile payments solution, even forcing its biggest potential competitor to shutdown, and as the service continues to expand, it will only get better. View the full list of retailers and banks that support the service on Apple’s website

Apple Pay is available in the following countries (click the country name to see compatible banks):




Hong Kong



New Zealand




Czech Republic







Isle of Man







San Marino





United Kingdom

Vatican City


Saudi Arabia

United Arab Emirates


The United States

Apple Pay Stories Yesterday

Apple Pay in Russia was last month suspended by the Cupertino company as one of a range of sanctions against the country for its invasion of Ukraine. A class action lawsuit has now been filed against Apple, arguing that Russian consumers have been harmed by losing access to the electronic wallet service.

Russian citizens who have been affected by the withdrawal of Apple Pay in the country are being invited to join the case …

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Apple Pay Stories April 20

Outages in Apple’s online services are not unusual, but this one is rather peculiar. Some users may not be able to add their Mastercard credit and debit cards to Apple Pay on Wednesday, according to Apple. The company says there’s an ongoing outage in its payment system, but it seems to only affect Mastercard users.

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If you checked your Wallet app today, you might have noticed that it features a notification badge there – this is because Apple Pay is upgrading fraud prevention features for some cards. Here’s what we know so far about this function.

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In a recent email to Apple Pay customers, there are new promotions when using the service while ordering food online. Through April 25, when ordering ahead at Jimmy John’s and Panera Bread, those using Apple Pay can receive exclusive offers on their meals. 

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Apple Pay Stories April 19

Apple today released the second beta of iOS 15.5 to developers, and while the update doesn’t bring any significant new features, it does hint at some changes Apple has been working on under the hood. Code analyzed by 9to5Mac shows that Apple Pay will soon support Bancomat and Bancontact networks.

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Apple Pay Stories April 14

With Earth Day coming later next week, Apple is once again promoting an interesting campaign. From now until April 22, the company will donate $1 to the World Wildlife Fund for every Apple Pay transaction made in Apple Stores, through the Apple Store app, or on its website.

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Apple Pay Stories April 6

Piper Sandler just shared its 43rd semi-annual Generation Z survey with 7,100 US teens. It shows that Apple Pay dominates teens’ favorite payment apps, while iPhone and AirPods are an important part of their daily lives.

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Apple Pay Stories April 5

Apple Pay is now available for some customers in Moldova

Today, Apple Pay is officially available in Moldova for customers of Moldinconbank, Victoriabank, and maib. Apple Pay has been gradually rolling out to more countries, as it just became available in some South American countries

Apple Pay Stories March 27

At the end of February, Apple announced it was suspending Apple Pay in Russia due to the war against Ukraine. While Visa and Mastercard cards were made immediately unavailable, the Russian Mir card was still working with Apple’s own payment service, but not anymore.

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Apple Pay Stories March 15

At the beginning of the year, Apple teased Apple Pay availability in Argentina, Peru, and Chile as “coming soon.” Now, Apple’s payment system is finally available in Argentina and Peru.

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Apple Pay Stories February 25

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the US government and the European Union imposed economic sanctions on the country – which include restricting foreign transactions to Russian banks. As a result, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other digital wallets have been suspended in Russia.

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Apple Pay Stories February 19

After years of waiting, tourists and Île-de-France citizens will finally be able to use public transportation’s Navigo card with Apple Pay on their iPhones and Apple Watches starting 2023.

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Apple Pay Stories February 8

Following the official announcement of the “Tap to Pay” feature that turns the iPhone into a contactless payment terminal, Apple on Tuesday released iOS 15.4 beta 2 to developers. Unsurprisingly, the latest beta version of Apple’s mobile operating system adds new APIs that enable support for Tap to Pay on iPhone.

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Apple turned the rumor of iPhones becoming mobile payment terminals into an official announcement today, and payment processor Stripe has more details.

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Apple has officially announced a new Tap to Pay feature for iPhone. This feature, coming later this year, will allow businesses to use their iPhones to “seamlessly and securely” accept Apple Pay payments with a simple tap. The feature will also work for contactless credit cards and debit cards, as well as other digital wallets.

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Apple Pay Stories February 4

Apple has been investing in payment technologies for a long time. Since Apple Pay was introduced in 2014, the company has also launched a peer-to-peer payment platform and even its own credit card. Now the company is reportedly working to enter the payment terminal market using the iPhone – but the iPad should also be part of that plan.

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Apple Pay Stories February 2

Check out these Apple Pay exclusive discounts to celebrate Valentine’s Day

As has become the norm every year, Apple is running a wide-range of Apple Pay promotions for Valentine’s Day. The company has teamed up with retailers including 1-800 Flowers and Snapfish to offer exclusive deals when you make Apple Pay purchases…

Apple Pay Stories January 26

Apple is developing a new feature that would allow iPhone users to accept credit card payments via contactless technology without any extra hardware, according to a new report from Bloomberg. The report explains that Apple’s system is likely to use NFC technology similar to Apple Pay.

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Apple Pay Stories January 17

After a bank in Peru teased the imminent launch of Apple Pay in the country last week, Apple is now the one saying its own payment service will be launching soon in Argentina and Peru.

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Apple Pay Stories January 10

Update: After 9to5Mac published that Interbank Peru was announcing Apple Pay support, the bank removed its videos about the service as well as the page promoting Apple’s own payment system. As of now, only Brazil and Colombia offer the ability to add debit and credit cards to the Apple Wallet in South America.

Apple Pay has had its first expansion in 2022 as Peru is now enabling Apple’s own payment system through Interbank. With that, this is the third South American country to support Apple Pay.

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Apple Pay Stories December 18, 2021

In September, Banco de Chile, one of the most important banks of the South American country, let its customers add their cards to the iPhone’s Wallet app to use Apple Pay. A few days later, the bank removed these cards as Apple wasn’t ready to promote the service just yet.

Now, a new piece of evidence shows that Banco de Chile is readying again the launch of Apple’s own payment system in the near future.

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Apple Pay Stories November 16, 2021

It’s been a couple of years since Apple launched the Express Transit feature for users to pay for public transportation just by taking the iPhone closer to an NFC terminal, without the need for an ID verification.

The function, which has been available for London users for quite some time, is now being promoted inside the Wallet app, even if the user already has the Express Transit feature set.

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Apple Pay Stories November 11, 2021

PSA: If Apple Pay doesn’t work on your Magic Keyboard with Touch ID, here’s why

Some of us with shiny new M1-powered MacBook Pros have been finding that Apple Pay doesn’t work when trying to use Touch ID on the Magic Keyboard

Apple Pay Stories November 9, 2021

The popular online encyclopedia Wikipedia recently updated its website with a small but great new feature for iOS and macOS users. Wikipedia is finally accepting Apple Pay as a payment method on its website, making it easier for users to send donations to the non-profit organization.

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